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Clover EFI bootloader - oficjalna kompilacja r3280

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Oficjalna kompilacja Clover EFI bootloader dostępna na sf.net tu:


Pełna lista zmian dostępna tu:

What's New in Version r3280   See changelog


  • [r3280] by slice2009 - adopting for SkyLake
  • [r3279] by slice2009 - fixing the looping bug by rehabman
  • [r3278] by slice2009 - improve speed of DSDT fixing by rehabman
  • [r3277] by download-fritz - Reverted the changes made by okrasit causing AptioFix to write to memory it did not allocate. More information can be found in the new comment or the x99-related Clover issue on SourceForge.
  • [r3276] by slice2009 - accepted some translations
  • [r3275] by slice2009 - rounding speed for About this Mac
  • [r3274] by slice2009 - correct number of relocated pages by okrasit
  • [r3273] by slice2009 - include romanian help into Clover GUI
  • [r3272] by slice2009 - updated XhciDxe according to recent edk2
  • [r3271] by slice2009 - accepted next-data variables by Asgorath

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