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  1. Thank you for your support 314TeR I really appreciate it. Can you please send me the hex code to patch for "Z97-A-ASUS-3503.CAP" ? or ask "reyder" to find it ? I have IDEA Pro Disassembler. again thank you very much.
  2. Thank you for your explanation .Can you suggest me an SPI programmer model to rip the Original bios ? another Question why do I need to rip the original bios ? you can send me your modified one as you have already the same motherboard as me then I will program it into the flash chip with an SPI ? excuse me ,my bad every motherboard has its own details (Mac address, serial number ...) that's why you asked me to send you the extracted bios.I hope you can make a guide on how I can do this modification by myself I have all the tools needed (UEFItool, MMtool). hope you can post the method. thank you again for your great help.
  3. Hello 314TeR , I have the same motherboard : ASUS Z97-A . Can you please share the modded nvram bios for this motherboard ? I'm using this bios version (Z97-A-ASUS-3503.CAP). Thank you for your Support.
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