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Wczoraj mi wpadło w ręce, nie sprawdzałem jeszcze. Ale widzę, że robotę robi dopiero dla nowych RX 5xxx.


macOS 10.15.4 - ASUS RX 5700, kext put to Clover/kexts/Other


  • OpenCL: 43361
  • Metal: 38024


  • OpenCL: 53861
  • Metal: 59954

On Windows OpenCL is 64951 so it is a nice improvement indeed!


Gigabyte RX580 Gaming 8 GB


Metal     Opencl

53159    32944


Metal     Opencl

52931    33168


Vulcan    Opencl

54364     47046

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Ale jeżeli zrozumiałem to jest sprawa niezależna od PowerPlay. Poprzez PowerPlay dodatkowo możesz edytować parametry karty.


Of course you can go ahead and edit the info.plist of RadeonBoost.kext to your likings. For example you can add your own properties. This comes handy if you want to additionally overclock or undervolt your GPU by using a PowerPlay Table, which of course can be added to the Kext as well. On a Hackintosh you of course can keep injecting them through the bootloader without having to edit the kext.


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